Arraignment postponed for New Mexico ex-athletic director

Published 02-18-2019

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) - An arraignment for former University of New Mexico athletic director Paul Krebs who is facing fraud and money laundering charges has been postponed.

State District Judge Stan Whitaker pushed back the arraignment on Monday to Friday after raising concerns over the method the New Mexico Attorney General's Office used to file charges against Krebs.

The AG's office filed a criminal complaint in state district court this month accusing Krebs of five felony counts stemming from a 2015 overseas golf trip.

Attorney general's office spokesman David Carl says a court rule allows for the filing of a complaint in the Krebs case.

The complaint accused Krebs of fraud, money laundering, evidence tampering, criminal solicitation and making or permitting false public voucher.

The charges come after authorities seized records in October.

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