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Albuquerque may seem on the mend, but you'll be surprised to learn that the city has a thriving arts scene. Over 300 artists are showing their work at the Rio Grande Arts and Crafts Festival, which coincides with the International Balloon Festival in Albuquerque. Saul calls it "good - called" and shows his work in his new exhibition, New Mexico Art in Albuquerque.

The event organized by the cooperative begins with an evening reception in the equipment store. One of the most remarkable in Albuquerque, the façade of a Pueblo Deco theater, is interspersed with the façades of some of its most iconic buildings.

In addition to the museum's top-class exhibitions, the UNM College of Fine Arts offers a wealth of offerings for the public. The Albuquerque Museum also houses the largest collection of New Mexico art in the United States, as well as a variety of other exhibitions and programs. For more information about the New Mexican Art of Albuquerque and its events, visit the city's events calendar.

Visit Canyon Road Arts, visit Mural Mosey in Downtown Albuquerque, learn more about the artists at, and get a copy of New Mexican Art of Albuquerque magazine to find out which artists paint murals in the city and what projects they pursue during your visit. The Museum of Fine Arts at New Mexico State University is also worth a visit, check out the museum and learn more about its exhibitions and programs.

The museum's regional art collection focuses on the American Southwest, and its history and photo archive collections focus primarily on the history of New Mexico, the U.S. Southwest, and the United States of America. The Museum of Art and History of Albuquerque has an extensive collection of paintings, sculptures, photographs and other artworks that give you a whole new perspective on the city. Visit the Pueblo Cultural Center of India, which offers a wide variety of arts and cultural programs for children, adults and children of all ages. This is an introduction to the 19 peoples of New Mexico; the museum has more than 1000 paintings and sculptures from the 19th and 20th centuries, as well as other artifacts.

While exploring the galleries, you will also discover Indian artifacts and precious stones, including the iconic turquoise. This is one of the images we have chosen for our quilt and it sets the stage for what is to come. Here is a painting that some may find dizzying, while others enjoy it because it is in fine contrast to Scott Greene's painting. It is an excellent introduction to the history of the Native Americans of New Mexico, who are known for their rich cultural and religious traditions.

I cannot stress enough how powerful and compelling La Jornada is, and it is no less controversial, but I cannot stress it enough. I should say that the presentation of art in the Albuquerque Museum was about as good as I have seen in any museum, or should I say as good as it was? I must confess that, while I was thrilled by this art gallery, I would have been less impressed by the history of this museum if its focus had been on art that would be less interesting to someone in another city. Next we had a conversation with someone who, having come to the Southwest on such a journey, is quickly becoming one of my favorite people in New Mexico and a big fan of art.

The UNM Art Museum, located east of Route 66, is a center for high-profile art in an academic setting. Before visiting the Albuquerque Museum, we visited the New Mexico Museum of Art in Albuquerque and the Art Gallery of New York City.

The Michael Henington Fine Art Gallery features established painters, and the excellent Chiaroscuro Contemporary Art Gallery specializes in contemporary works by artists you won't find anywhere else. Together, these institutions form one of the largest and most diverse collections of contemporary art in the country. Led by Andrew Connors, director of the Albuquerque Museum, this year's show resisted a simple definition and categorization that included cultural backgrounds and artistic media.

The museum hill is located on the edge of the old town and its surroundings, and at the Dia de los Muertos there is much celebration. Predock's design for the Albuquerque Museum fits perfectly into the urban landscape of Albuquerque, with its narrow streets and narrow sidewalks. In one of the courtyards there is also a large collection of contemporary folk art by local artists from New Mexico. The works include landscapes of farmland, mountains, waterfalls, forests and other natural features, as well as portraits of indigenous peoples.

There is only one floor with seven galleries, which are accessible only from the outside, and there is no access to any of them. There is a history exhibition, but the best way to visit it is to start with the art galleries and end with the history of the exhibition.

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More About Albuquerque